Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business for Consultancy Assignments

David Spencer or his nominated Associate (“the Consultant”) will provide independent consultancy support to the Client regarding the professional and technical aspects of HR management and policy, and general advice relating to employment legislation and the direction of employee relations. Specific requirements will be agreed between the parties as to the actual nature of the services to be provided and their duration.

The Consultant acknowledges and agrees that he will be treated as an independent contractor and that he is not an employee of the Client for any purpose. Any requirement to provide services and to attend the Client’s premises will be subject to the Client’s prior approval.

An agreed daily fee will be charged by invoice for all days’ consultancy provided (per standard 8 hour working day, excluding any break taken). Attendance on site for less than one full day will be charged at an agreed hourly rate, subject to a minimum charge of 4 hours (one half day). Invoices will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

No fee will be charged for time spent travelling to the Client’s premises.

Mileage will be charged at an agreed rate of not less than £0.45 per mile and rail travel at standard class, lowest fare.

Where overnight accommodation is required then the Consultant will invoice this at a rate agreed with the Client and on the basis of ‘bed and breakfast’ only. No other subsistence charges will be made.

All fees will be subject to 30 days’ payment terms from the date of invoice.

The Consultant will respond to reasonable telephone or e-mail enquiries for advice or guidance on employment issues but reserves the right to submit charges where these require written or verbal responses of an extended nature or incur the Consultant telephone, or other, charges. In this event costs will be pro rata the agreed hourly rate and subject to a minimum charge of 30 minutes.

The Consultant agrees to preserve the absolute confidentiality of any matters relating to the products, processes or business activities of the Client that are not in the public domain and of any matters or documents pertaining to its current or former employees.

The Consultant waives and releases the Client from any and all claims of whatever nature which he might otherwise assert as a result of the termination of this Agreement and of the consulting relationship.